Friday, 7 January 2011

The other afternoon.

Yea, you must have all guessed it was the cloud formation but it was eye catching. Not the best lens fitted for the images i took but i wasn't out expecting to take those sort of piccies.

....all taken from Dukes Pond at the Rising Sun where this guy still resides. I must add that it was feeding out of a persons hand.


  1. I was watching a juv Whooper Swan amongst the Mutes at QE2 last week and presumed that it was the swallow Whooper but when I look at your pictures I think they could be two different birds.

  2. Beautiful photographs John. There have been some lovely cloud formations and sky colours. I read once that it happens when there are extremely low temperatures, like we've had recently.

    I particularly like the third photograph.

  3. Sorry i've been so long getting back to reply but been laid low for the past few days.
    I saw that Juv. Whooper reported by your good self on New Years Day but they are certainly not the same bird. Cheers Crammy.
    Thank you Lesley for your kind comments. The colouration and structure of the clouds was more than interesting. Should have sent one into BBC weather and

  4. Sorry to hear you've been poorly John. I hope you're feeling better now.