Thursday, 6 January 2011

Any ideas?

I took some images of this while i was out and about yesterday afternoon. Some interesting colours.

............i reckon Brian (Killy Birder) will know.


  1. nope, not a clue, i was out yesterday, and i never saw it, very interesting............

  2. Hi John. This appears to be the same cloud formations that I was watching from the Holystone wagon-ways yesterday John. Next to it was some very dark cloud which appeared to be droping rain close by, of which I escaped, apart from short sprinkle. If you were in the Rising Sun you may have got wet! I don't know the name of the cloud formation. Brian

  3. Geordie.
    Not the sharpest i know but if you had looked skyward late afternoon like Brian you would have been impressed. First time over the doorstep since Harewood Forest by the way.

  4. Brian,
    You couldn't miss it if you were out yesterday p.m.
    Very eye catching. I was at the Rising Sun but was looking in a West to North Westerley direction but it remained at a distance.