Friday, 14 May 2010

Pochard images.....the return

I posted images of a Pochard at Killingworth Lake last Friday. This Friday i am going to post images of a Pochard at Killingworth Lake.
"Hang on a minute!" i hear you shout.
THIS Pochard is the female to last Fridays male.

Whilst there i also captured this image.....

........the Great Crested Grebes on the smaller lake have had young while the pair i have been following still have at least 2 weeks remaining. I had a brilliant 10 minutes or so when 12-15 Swifts suddenly appeared over head. They whizzed about, chasing each other playfully then as quickly as they appeared they were gone. 
While out briefly on Wednesday these two kept a close eye on me.


  1. The second photo is such a comical image John, with the two birds being so very different! 'Little and Large'. :)

    That's lovely to see the two foxes together.

    That Pochard in the first photo.... hey, hang on a minute......! :O)

  2. Hi Lesley,
    Sorry i haven't replied earlier but i am in the South East at my sons, having returned from 2 nights "under canvas" or whatever they make modern tents with. The previous postings reference to "humbugs" are my pet name , and a few other peoples for the young of the Great Crested Grebes. It will all become apparent when i post some pics of them. I got some of the other pairs young but they were very distant.
    On this posting, the second image of the Mute Swan and the Common Tern is exactly as you say the comparison in size. The fox image is also distant but the sight of the pair sitting keeping an eye on me was very nice. Any birders would have known that the Pochard last week was the male but ant non birders might have not. When duck images are shown it is virtually always the male that is displayed so i thought it would be nice for the girls to get a look in.

  3. Can hardly wait to see pics of the little humbugs! :D