Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Kent / Suffolk

Just to round off my Kent and Suffolk beano.(Species of note observed)

Walderslade..Iberian Chiffchaff
Stodmarsh...Cuckoo, Hobby, Marsh Harriers(M & F).

Walderslade just happens to be where my son lives so i had a 5 minute drive to locate the Iberian Chiffchaff.
My second visit to Stodmarsh and another fantastic day. The centrepiece of which are the massive reedbeds and the walk along the River Stour. More superb views of Marsh Harriers over the reeds and a frantic Cuckoo being pursued by, i know not what, over the river. A crescendo of sound would arise then drop away every now and then and finally as i was talking to one of the natives when this deafening noise started again it was revealed that the culprits were Marsh Frogs. A single frog would make a noise. Another would reply, then another, then another until it was ear bursting. About a minute later every frog would stop simultaniously and it would fall quiet. The local birders are driven daft by them. Finally as i was leaving around 1.30p.m. having been out since 4.00a.m. 3 Hobbies appeared overhead.
Minsmere...Nightingale, Green Woodpecker, Marsh Harriers(M & F), Bittern, Cettis Warbler, Spoonbill
Walberswick...Bearded Reedling.

Minsmere was a brilliant site to visit. Run by the RSPB it has 9 hides in all. Covering numerous habitats including woodland,scrub,reedbed, shingle beach and a large scrape area with small sand banks.
Walberswick is situated slightly further up the Suffolk coast from Minsmere and after leaving the car a fantastic trip through woodland skirted by magnificent open access heathland i came to the huge reedbeds. My time here was limited so i didn't manage to reach the coastline and the beach there nor did i have time to visit the nearby Dunwich Heath with guaranteed sightings of Dartford Warblers but i did get my elusive Bearded Reedlings. PING,PING.
I must return to both Norfolk AND Suffolk again soon and Walberswick is top of the list.

     View across Westwood Marshes, Walberswick

      The backdrop to Minsmere...............Sizewell B

      Marsh Harriers at Minsmere

      Noisy bleeder............Marsh Frog


  1. I just gone green with envy John.
    Like the pic of the Marsh Harriers.

  2. I am too very jealous haha, Marsh Harrier pict is a dream :)

  3. Listen guys if it makes you feel any better i'm jealous of both of you!
    Dick, i'm jealous of how you can express yourself artistically and Cain i'm jealous of what you are doing now and where it may take you in future.
    Now they ARE things to be jealous of.
    Both Stodmarsh and Minsmere are fantastic places to view pairs of Marsh Harriers. I have a number of images which i thought might be inferior but the do capture pairs of birds. I might still show a couple>
    Thanks very much for your comments.

  4. Ha ha 'noisy bleeder'.... must be a species common to Suffolk! That first photo is just gorgeous, John.... it should be on a calendar or something.

    I have a few posts to catch up on while I've been a.w.o.l. :)

  5. You'll never guess what the scrambled letters were this time to enable posting...... EMENA. Not quite Enema, but near enough! :O)

  6. i thought i'd upset you or something. AWOL?? That sounds a bit naughty.
    Yes, you do get some interesting scrambled letters.
    Walderslade was such a picture perfect village and area. The locals seem to think they are overlooked somewhat by people who prefer Norfolk. I'll definitely return.

  7. Sorry, that should have read WALBERSWICK.....nothing wrong with Walderslade (he says through gritted teeth)

  8. Upset me? Don't be daft! I've been working on a tma (tutor marked assignment) for my Open University course.

    I'm off to mum and dad's today..... they have blue tit chicks in their nestbox. :)

  9. Hi John,

    Didn't know you had been away, you didn't mention it once (20 times maybe, but not once). Like the others I like the Harriers pic but of course it could be improved on. When we are out next week I will show you again (but might have to start charging soon)

    Luv u really