Thursday, 18 February 2010

Top of the pots

Thats chimney pots. Just goes to show that you don't always have to travel miles to see a stunning bird. I was on my way out yesterday afternoon to meet Jeff and call in at Woodhorn, Longhirst and Linton. We have a field over the back on which Gull numbers have been steadily increasing. Along with the Gulls more and more Corvids had been joining them on the ground and thinking they were probably Jackdaws and Crows hadn't paid much attention. Anyway a few of these Corvids had landed in the street and looking up i was stopped in my tracks when i noticed they were Rooks. Ive included a few images as they show off so many of there classic features. I especially like the "baggy trousers" and the last shot which i think is a juvenile. Please correct me if i'm wrong.

               And my favourite.............a Jackdaw not a juv. ( thanks Alan T.)


  1. Last one is a (rather wet) Jackdaw John.

  2. Cheers Alan
    It does look a little blown dried. Thanks for that. I do rather like the look though. Sort of a "big hair" 80's look.

  3. Yes, the baggy trousers look like pedal pushers! :O) I love these kind of birds.... rooks, jackdaws and crows. It irritates me when people say they chase them away to let the little birds feed. They have an undeserved reputation for being bullies. I've found that different species of birds arrive in the garden to feed at different times.... so they all get their share. :)

    Hee hee, the one at the end is a star. :D

  4. Hello Lesley
    The pedal pusher analogy is great.
    Mind i do think the Crows reputation is somewhat warranted. I always think of them as the Vinny Jones of the bird world. They are the "hard men" and give the raptors and owls a tough time. Look at them at the side of the road strutting along with cars whizzing past at 70 miles an hour.
    Cheers John

  5. Love your Header,some days i feel and look like that.
    Fab Blog.

  6. JR
    Thank you for your kind words. I look that every day..........i think its this thing called MANOREXIA. Tell you what it is, my blog aint in the same league as yours. Your images are magic. Loved the recent Bittern shots.

  7. Lovely photos, as I love Corvids.

    One thing though: The Rook is no juvenile. Have a look at the top 3 photos here, on my blog

    Juvies don't have the white face yet. (the last picturein same post shows that white face that the Rook is famous for (as well as the baggy trouser look)
    Juvenile Jackdaws you can recognise at their brown-black. plumage.

    well done for looking up to the chimneys. Most birders forget to do that.

  8. Hi Yoke,
    Thanks for that but it had been already pointed out to me that it was a Jackdaw. The fluffed up plumage confused me somewhat. I have been reading and enjoying your blog for a month or two. I went to your posting and thoroughly enjoyed the Crow and Rook images. Look forward to more.
    Thanks again