Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The Rising Sun Star

I hadn't seen this fella for more than 6 months and i had been worried for him a month or two back. Having spoken to a couple of people back then and heard that he had been sighted i was relieved. Although i primarily go birding when out and about, having seen this magnificent beast before, i can only describe him as the star at the Rising Sun Country Park. He is a Red Deer stag and must stand over 2 metres to his antlers.
I captured these images at 5.10 p.m. this afternoon so the excuses are being made as i had to bump up the iso. I will however get some stunners one day. Just look and enjoy.



  1. Aye totally fantastic beast, dont know how the numpties havent got to him yet.

  2. Hi Davy,
    Thats why i always wonder about him. If i haven't spotted him for a while i tend to think the "mongers" have done something nasty to him.
    Howdy Dick,
    You never know when he will appear but he brings everyone to a standstill when he does. He's even more stunning in his summer coat. Just while i think on , i was looking at your football work. Excellent.
    Cheers lads.

  3. Brilliant photos John. The stag is a gorgeous animal! I hope he keeps himself safe for a long, long time.

    (I spotted you on Greenfingers post i.e. Phil)

  4. Hello Lesley,
    Nice of you to call in. He is even more stunning in the flesh. He has been here for more than 2 years that i know of. Greenfingers blog is class,his photos are what i would call brilliant.

  5. I'll bet he is! :)

    Greenfingers is a gem!

    I had a smile at the banner at the top of your blog..... "More waffling than warbling." :O) That's so funny. :)