Saturday, 13 February 2010

Geltsdale revisited

Following posts on Geltsdale by both Hollywell Birding and Howdon Blogger i was recalling my visit there last year. A return visit is on the cards soon as i would love to experience the Black Grouse lek. I didn't see any Black Grouse when i was there as nor did i see the Black Swan but i do remember it being reported in the log book at the screen hide at Tindale Tarn so this bird seems to have been around for a while. A picture of said bird can be seen on Johns blog and having looked at some reference material it doesn't seem to be some kind of discoloured Mute Swan but a genuine Australian Black Swan. It must have escaped from somewhere.
Anyway the main reason i posted was to recall the strange goings on i encountered when i arrived in the area. These peculiar beings were scattered in and around the villages as i left the A69 and looked for the reserve. The last one was standing at the entrance to the car park at Geltsdale complete with bins!

                                Tindale Tarn


  1. Give a shout next time your heading up that way, uni isn't far .

  2. No problem Cain, It would be a pleasure. Is there any history about the Black Swan do you know. Perhaps your pal Ewan might know.

  3. Not sure, he didn't seem to know much about it. Will ask for you.