Friday, 15 January 2010

Teal images Dukes pond

Some Teal shots taken on Dukes pond earlier in the week. Dukes continues to be the only unfrozen water at the Rising Sun and something of a refuge for the parks wildfowl. Although the main area of Swallow was still frozen today,   the reedbeds were showing signs of thawing with some Moorhen able to feed.


  1. Brilliant images of a very beautiful bird - those mottled feathers on the chest and flanks are amazing..

  2. Lovely Photos John cracking bird

  3. Sorry, but first chance i've had to reply to your fantastic comments.
    I had 4 birds came very close on Dukes pond. This was as all of you know due to the extended cold snap and the, what was, desperate situation the birds were finding themselves in when it came to food. Of course as with all decent images the light was cracking.
    Many thanks guys, much appreciated

  4. Welcome to Birding on Wheels, John.

    Great photos of the Common Teal. Such lovely little ducks.

    Hope the Grandson will join you on your birding trips, in a couple of years.