Friday, 8 January 2010

Pied Blackbirds contd.

Another trip to Rising Sun brought another curiously coloured Blackbird. This individual was atop the trees opposite the horses stables on the farm. This being approx. 400 metres from my encounter yesterday. As is clear, this is not the same bird but i wonder if it is related. Thanks to Tim for his comment yesterday re. albinism but i have since read a piece on a condition called leucism which is very similar. It seems the most obvious way to determine the difference is the eye colour since in albinism the eye colour would be red otherwise it would be normal. So if this is the case am i right in calling this a Pied Blackbird?

Captured this little beaut.

This was the sunset over the farm this afternoon


  1. wow that is one funky Blackbird John. Nice to hear you out and about again havent seen you for a while hope alls well

  2. Hi Davy
    Due to the state of the roads i've stayed close to home. Have been up to Rising Sun every day and had a cracking time. I even had 3 Water Rail all in one go yesterday.
    I had noticed that you hadn't posted for a few days. Anyway i'm fine and hope you are fit. Might catch up with you this week if i get down to Holywell.
    Cheers John

  3. Hi John. Thanks very much for your offer to help with the RSPB seed. Much appreciated. In fact I think we are covered as some group members are lined up to do this as we have a meeting planned at the R Sun on Friday (unless I'm packing seed for NTBC instead! ;-))

    Interesting bird you have there! Cheers. Brian.

  4. Brian
    No problem, i just live down the road from the "Sun" so if your desperate it aint a problem, just let me know. I've possibly signed up for the NTBC also if needed on Fri. and as afterwards. If you get to Rising Sun you can see "Pied Blackie" down by the stables. I've seen him 3 times now, he has become a bit of a fixture and the earlier one i posted i've al;so seen again.

  5. Champion John. Thanks for the info too. Brian