Thursday, 7 January 2010

Mystery Bird Rising Sun

Just sticking local at present.......on my wanderings around the Rising Sun i came across this fella.
I was following some tits in the hedgerow and this bird was skulking around in the foot of it. I spotted it very fleetingly to start with and put it down as another Thrush, until i got a flash of white. It was the size of a Blackbird and behaved like a Blackbird. IS IT A BLACKBIRD?

Any suggestions..........the shots aren't great as it was very secretive.


  1. Hi John
    I have no idea what bird you have there, could be a Blackbird with odd colouring, we have one visit our garden that has a flash of white but not to this extent. Good luck

  2. It's a blackbird with partial albinism. It may be an advantage against the sparrowhawks in this weather!

  3. Thanks Michele
    As Tim has commented, its a Blackbird and the odd colouring can vary quite a bit in individuals. Albinism or a condition called leucism which i mention in my latest posting can be the cause.
    Cheers Tim
    I had seen a bird last year with a touch of white on its head but never to this extent, until today........2nd in 2 days.
    Thanks for your comment