Saturday, 21 June 2014

The reel deal.

I spent ten minutes trying to locate the reeling Grasshopper Warbler while at Arcot Pond yesterday morning. It did the right and proper thing by me and appeared atop of a bush and continued to belt out this unique call. Doing this for almost the full thirty minutes or so that i observed it, dropping down on only three occasions to take a quick break.
You have to see this bird in the flesh to appreciate the effort that it puts into this activity. The throat vibrating and the whole body quivering as it continually turns the head in long slow sweeps of at least two hundred and seventy degrees. Sublime.
You little belter.


  1. My Reel Deal blog has sound (without anyone talking in it), really bonny picture though dont understand why you didn't use your new vidcam


  2. I did.
    The sound of the bird wasn't great !