Monday, 2 June 2014

My first Odonata of the year,

Yes, my first sighting of a damselfly was on Saturday and it was on Teeside. As THE Howdon Blogger and i admired the Common Terns not far from the Greatham Creek car park a teneral caught my eye. I haven't a clue what it was but it was a damselfly at last for me. I haven't gone out of my way so far this year to seek them out and when i've been out recently it has been generally cold. Last Thursday for example i didn't see my first butterfly until after 2 p.m. due to the overcast and chilly conditions. I quickly saw (in order of appearance) Blue-tailed, Common Blue and Large Red. Yee haa.
Having visited a few sites birding we eventually landed at Saltholme. I saw my first dragonfly of the year there, four Four-spot Chasers were doing what it says on the tin and busy chasing each other about. I also saw my first damselfly casualty, a female Blue-tailed who was taken whilst in the grasp of her partner. She had been ovipositing and a diving beetle had grabbed her from below. The male was trying to lift her from the water but after a couple of minutes released hold of her and flew alone to safety.
On a break between chasing.


  1. Stunning shot John, mine are still in my camera, probably wont get to them till Wednesday

  2. Come on now, don't let that work thing get in the way !

  3. Nice one John, have to admit I'm pretty jealous as last week for me was a non-starter for dragonhunting and I don't see this week being much better :-(

  4. I agree, a stunning shot John. I need some practice with Dragonflies .......and perhaps a new lens!

  5. Thanks Alan, nice to get the monkey off my back. You look to have a busy couple of weeks ahead.

    Thank you for your kind comment Brian. I was kinda cursing on Saturday as the forecast wasn't brilliant (again) so i didn't take my macro, which hasn't been seen out for ages. I actually took this image with my 300mm f4. I'm quite pleased with what i captured.