Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Blackbird at ISO 4000

What do you reckon?
Took this image last week at the Rising Sun in awful light conditions on my recently acquired Canon 6D fitted with the 300mm f4 prime. The Blackbird in question was in at the side of a ditch foraging in the leaf litter under a hedge line.
I had read that the 6D operated well in low light conditions and this was a nice test for it. I haven't altered the image in any way, i've not even cropped it.
ISO 4000 f5.6 1/640 sec        IMPRESSED ??


  1. Yea, ISO 4000 !!!
    Had the camera 6 weeks or so but not been out too much to put it through its paces.

  2. Lovely shot. Obviously a good purchase.

  3. Thanks for the comment Andrew. Very happy with the camera so far.