Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Pit heap Shortie

They are stunners, aren't they ?


  1. You sounded just like Stan Laurel there.

  2. I reckon we have all been spoilt with the numbers of Short-eared Owls these past two winters.
    A friend of mine was telling me the other day that a lady friend of his had spotted an owl when traveling past Gosforth Park last week in the bus. Having looked in the guide books it was confirmed as a 'beautiful' Short-eared Owl that had 'looked right at me' I believe they went back in the car to find the area. After driving around the area for over thirty minutes the owl was found on the exact same post I believe. My friend was able to establish that it was a carved painted owl. :-)

  3. Very good Brian. LOL
    There's an ornamental Owl on a house roof somewhere, (i can't think where) but i ALWAYS think there's an Owl about when i see the silhouette then i remember it's only there as a bird scarer !
    I can't remember seeing more than a handful of Shorties in the previous 7 years compared to the last couple. I reckon there would have been loads at Prestwick if it had not been flooded. These birds are the ones spread around, i think.