Sunday, 10 March 2013

One shade of grey.

That's what the HOWDON BLOGGER and i had to contend with on a dire Saturday. The first image, of the tug named Svitzer Sun, heading out of the Tyne to greet the two ferries that arrived while we were there gives you some idea of the conditions at sea. This resulting in quite large numbers of Eider in and around the gut at North Shields Fish Quay with two rafts catching the eye from the bank top close to the High Lights and the statue of Stan Laurel at Dockwray Square.
This was before the vessel had reached the bar !
We picked up on the Glaucous Gull fairly quickly from our high vantage point before dropping down to the quay passing the site of the old Tyne Brand factory. The conditions were awful with an icy easterly driving freezing rain so after the bird disappeared after a very quick view we didn't hang around too long for it to return.
I must include an image of the bird on the shed roof...........everyone else has !!

"Not another pic of me on a blog, i hope. You ever heard of overkill. Remember what happened to snooker in the eighties?" thinks the young Glauc.


  1. Dear Johnnykinson (I think you will have shorten your first name or put a space inbetween the y and k)

    Nice story, nice pics, great spelling, spot on punctuation, fantastic grammar.

    Well 1 out of 5 is not a bad betting (sorry batting) average


  2. Dear Bloggerfromhowdon,
    There's nowt wrong with my nomme de plume, that's pen name to you.

  3. R U Sure?
    I seen a young girl of about 9 looking at some Spuggies when I passed by the other day.

    The Best Birder in a Fiat Panda on a Saturday in the Wallsend Area