Sunday, 17 February 2013

The Mediterranean comes to Amble

The heading refers to both the bird we saw and the weather. The weather was very pleasant but the nice light we had earlier in the day gradually was lost. The bird in question was a colour ringed subject which according to info. gathered so far by myself and the BLAGGER FROM HOWDON was ringed in SERBIA. More to follow when we receive it.
We did spot a second Med but it was very elusive. On the water Eiders doing the Frankie Howard "Ooooh aaaah, missus, no" thing and an attractive pair of Mergansers attempting some synchronised diving. Alternating between the dock and the tethered boats three Turnstone stimulated our small but perfectly formed brains.
Colour ringed Mediterranean Gull.
All you need is a bag of chips and a bloke from Howdon.........
..........and you'll get that elusive white winger.
He tells me he has had this effect on birds all of his life.....
...they have always flocked to see him.
A few more queueing up to meet him.


  1. Nice one John , I take it you have seen the NTBC website page re Meds :

  2. Thank you for putting me onto that Brian. It's very interesting stuff.
    I have to admit at never thinking on to look for rings while out birding in the past but i am a convert and will be keeping an eye out in future.
    Much appreciated, it gives you even more insight into the fascinating lives of birds. Amazing creatures.