Monday, 18 February 2013

Mediterranean Gull ring no. YJU7

Howdon Blogger John e mailed the ring details off on Saturday and received a reply the next day with full details.
Originally ringed at Palic Lake in northern Serbia as a breeding bird   26/05/2007.
Last sighted scavenging at Amble Harbour by J Hall and J. Atkinson 16/02/2013.

In between these dates the bird has commuted between Amble (autumn thro' winter) to Hungary (spring thro' summer) to almost the exact same coordintes with the exception of twice over here when sighted once each time at Seahouses and St. Marys' Island. In March 2008 it was reported by S. Sexton and on five other occasions by T Mason from 09 thro' 2011.
Very interesting.

Thanks to Brian ( Northumbrian Birdung) for pointing me in the direction of this piece on the Northumberland and Tyneside Bird Clubs' website entitled "Some origins of Med. Gulls in Northumberland" by Steve Holliday with a collation of other sightings but including YJU7. You can locate it HERE


  1. Good article by Steve and an interesting blog. I was just about to write about it and you beat me to it so I will now come at it from a different angle


  2. shouldn't be so slow.

  3. The same bird as I saw yesterday. I noticed the rings but by the time I tried to read them it flew up and landed on the water. Interesting journey.

  4. You mustn't have had a bag of chips with you ? Nice to see both yourself and Stewart have seen the same bird .......5 years apart.

  5. I had the same bird today at Amble harbour, almost exactly 2 years since I saw it there... on the same rock!