Tuesday, 2 October 2012

St. Marys and Lindisfarne

I've cobbled together a few images from the last week or so. I visited St. Marys Island last week, as did many others, and found it difficult to compose a post as every bird seen had been reported on and felt like i was just repeating.. I was out with John, Howdon Blogger on Saturday and spent a fine days birding with this gentleman but again found it hard to post as he had covered just about everything we saw.
This little fella was lying close by the causeway at St. Marys.

I had a brief view of the Arctic Warbler on Saturday but a Long-eared Owl along The Crooked Lonnen in a hawthorn looked stunning in the morning light and huge numbers of mainly Barnacle and Brent Geese originally on the sands north of the causeway and east of Beal Point which later lifted and flew past us as we sat in the hide at Lowmoor Point were impressive sights. They came through, wave after wave, for some fifteen minutes. Thirty minutes or so with a couple of Spotted Flycatchers, Robins and Thrushes all around on the ground was super in fine sunshine and slightly sheltered from the jostling wind in the Priory grounds.
Priory posers.
Lindisfarne Castle fly by.
Straight Lonnen views.


  1. John,

    I particularly like the pose of the Flycatcher. What happened to your pic of the Kestrel, mine was rubbish and I was dying to see you well composed shot.


  2. I tried not to duplicate too many of your images. Didn't include the LEO although im happy with them but had to include the deer......cracking image that !!