Friday, 19 October 2012


A very heavily cropped image of Barn Owls interacting on Holy Island a couple of weeks ago. Obviously the quality is poor but i loved the pose of the top owl, if only it had been 30 metres closer. Again, i know that the image is spilling over into the border but worth the mess.
To try to make up for it here is an image also from Holy Island of a Long-eared Owl along Straight Lonnen not 50 metres from where the Barnies were observed but 14 days earlier as i recollect.
It's been quiet on the birding front for the last week or so and the camera hasn't been out of the bag much. I called past Prestwick Carr yesterday and had a first for me there with the sighting of a Kingfisher by the ditch up by the first sentry box. Heavy showers and occasional sunny spells accompanied me while there and i had a few sightings of Common Darters and Hawkers sp. as their wings glistened whilst airborne and the temperatures rose briefly in those sunny spells. Sparrowhawk, Redwing, Curlew and Goldcrest some of the highlights before heading along the bumpy road which was a lot quieter. The spotting of 2 Noctule Bats over The Carr as the light was fading and shortly before leaving by THE WANDERER OF PRESTWICK CARR ended a pleasant visit. Peter captured some nice moody images tonight. 


  1. Images don't have to be perfect to be interesting John, or so I keep telling myself.
    Not long been back from Holy Island and one of the first species seen was a Barn Owl. No LEO seen sadly. Cheers.

  2. Hi Brian,
    I know exactly what you mean. When i looked at the original everything was slightly distant but when i saw the owls "pose" i just had to crop it.....massively. A brilliant "pose", i think you'll agree.

  3. John,

    would have commented earlier but I was being dragged around the countryside by someone who has an interest in Owls. You obviously know my thoughts on quality versus content also - if it fills a hole in a blog publish it. Actually I am now putting a neck brace on as have twisted my neck as I twisted around for a couple of minutes thereby proving the point that a pic dosen't have to be pin sharp and spot on exposure to hold ones's attention


  4. Cheers John,
    Enjoy y trip away but take y long johns........bit strange telling short John to take his long johns !!