Thursday, 2 February 2012

If you go down to the woods today, or any other.......'re sure of a pleasant surprise.
I visited the Red Kite roost from the Nine Arches Viaduct a couple of weeks ago and was treated to 27 of the birds in view at the same time. Fabulous. That, along with the sunset over the Derwent Valley was splendid. There was a nice bonus in the shape of some wood sculptures as i followed the yellow trail away from the Thornley Woodlands visitors centre then down to the viaduct. They were carved by a gentleman from Durham from tree stumps that he left while thinning out the trees in that area of the woods. If you happen to decide to go down to see the Red Kites in the near future park up at Thornley and follow the markers.
Here is just one of the carvings taken from a few angles. I'll post some more in the future.
The main tools used were a chain saw and a blow torch.

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