Monday, 27 February 2012

Get Knotted

While out with John, the Blogger from Howdon, on Saturday we came across some nice birds. Cowpen Bewley brought us Tree Sparrows, a stonking male Greenfinch, vocal Mistle Thrushes and a female Smew amongst others. The part of Saltholme we visited held an airborne Bittern and a showy (well, showy for the species) Water Rail. Johns lunch brought in a well trained Med.Gull. I almost had it sitting up and begging !! The highlight of the day for me was standing down some back street staring through gates at a roof. That roof did have a 1st. year Glaucous Gull alongside a juvenile Greater Black-backed Gull for brilliant size comparison. The bird was not reported so this is my best ever self find, i don't know about John. We had hoped for a sighting of the Kumliens Gull but the choice of birds was awesome at one stage as a couple of fishing boats arrived to land their catches. I must admit that gulls had not inspired me until last week and my Iceland encounter at North Shields.
Great Black-backed and Glaucous juveniles.
In between Newburn Bridge and Hartlepool Fish Quay we spent some time around the Headland with a fine flock of Knot stealing the show from the other waders.
.........and more Knot
Telt y t get Knotted.
here's another.

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  1. Get ....... and the same to you.

    The best thing I have ever found, hmmmm......
    Twas you as a friend

    Just rushing off to get my tablets, haven't taken any for a couple of days


    ps. good Knot pics considering we weren't standing where that other guy was (wouldn't mind seeing his though (opportunity for a pun here) Wheres Liverbirder when you need him ?