Tuesday, 22 November 2011

See gull........

Herring Gull
..............enjoy gull.Imagine heading down to the coast and not hearing the iconic sound of this gull. A handsome, slightly menacing looking bird that helps to keep the streets clean also.
You gotta love 'em.
As a small boy they were the sound of a Sunday afternoon for me. I lived in North Shields not far from the Fish Quay and i remember when the streets were empty on a Sunday after 2.30p.m. when the pubs had closed and almost every shop was shut. There was almost nobody on the streets, there was no reason to be. Sunday was a day of rest and you were not allowed to sell so many things, fish and chips top of the list i seem to remember, except if they sold them at the rare Chinese or Indian takeaway. Woodbines were 9d for a packet of ten....................
Anyway, i love carpets me...........sorry Herring Gulls.


  1. Aye, hard to imagine Sundays as they once were! I remember the agonies of listening to 'Sing Something Simple' of an evening, remembering I'd be back to school in the morning.:-( Shop opposite school used to sell single Woodbines to the kids for a penny. I seem to remember the shop owner was married to one of our teachers too!
    I agree gulls can be interesting but I draw the line at watching them on refuse tips.:-)

  2. We'll be singing "Underneath The Arches" next if we don't watch it Brian.
    Pick of the Pops (not 'arf, pop pickers), the Sally Army out the back with kids running round and round the circle (not us, we were waiting to go in the bath) the bath followed by "The Saint" and "Sunday Night At The Palladium".
    Those days, the like of will never be seen again...........mmmmmmmmm