Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Bit of sunshine on a miserable day.

Brightening up your day, i hope.
I'm taking you back to Sunday, 6th of November and a stunner. I'm posting this on Tuesday, 8th of November and the sort of miserable day that makes you want to chuck yourself off the Tyne Bridge at the thought of things to come. Having left Blyth South Harbour John and i ended up at Druridge Pools eventually. My first thought was to go see if there were still Common Darters at the end of the track heading out to Low Chibburn Chapel. For some reason we stopped off at the hide looking out over the Budge Field and a movement low in front of us brought one of the dragonflies i was after. It landed on the front of the hide in full sun taking in the heat that the sun was so generously providing as was the second Darter we found on a fence post when we moved along the track.
Common Darter looking dapper in late autumn sunshine.
Back along the track and views from the Oddie Hide included a fairly brief but clear sighting of a Water Rail on the far bank. Before Druridge we had called in at a very busy Newbiggin and with an explosion associated with Guido Fawkes sending every bird within half a mile of it up in the air we quickly headed up to the point. Jimmy Steele was set with his scope directed on the North Sea giving a commentary of some nice sightings as they drifted past as he told us of the Siberian Chiffchaff he had found at the mound earlier in the morning. We left him answering his mobile for the umpteenth time as news was obviously circulating of the bird and he issued instructions to inquisitive birders. 


  1. Great couple of Blogs mate, never had a chance to write mine nor even look at the pics I took as we have been scanning for holidays. She wouldnt let me drive so we are going on a bus trip up to Oban for a week then playing it by ear from there. Hopefully I will have a few pics from then to put up.


  2. Pleased to hear you've got something sorted holyberry wise. I bet it's an old folks bus trip with Shearings !!