Tuesday, 21 September 2010

When a tic becomes a twitch

It was beautiful when i throw open the curtains this morning so i decided i would have a wander down to St. Marys'. A bit of bookkeeping, a neb on the blogs and a peak on birdguides.
I suddenly developed a tic when i saw that the Sharp-tailed Sandpiper was still at Greatham Creek.
No, St. Marys'.
Bollocks, Greatham.
I am like the Queen. I never carry cash usually, so load up and call by the cashpoint for dosh for the tunnel.
On the bird straight away and had good sightings for over an hour ( cheers Simon) but never close enough for inages, not on my paultry lens. SIZE IS IMPORTANT!. So i was going to sketch the bird but as usual Stewart has beaten me to it so won't bother and you can look at his. Exactly as i saw the creature. It eventually lifted and i sighted it again for a few more seconds before it moved further up the creek.
I left a happy chappy heading off to Cowpen Bewley Country Park on the way home to see if there were many Dragons or Butters knocking about. Very quiet on the Butterfly front with a single Red Admiral and a few Speckled Woods. I did in fact actually see more Dragonflies numerically.I did capture images of these and will post a few in the next couple of days. Hawkers and Darters. A quick look on the main lake as i circled it but nothing exciting.

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