Thursday, 12 August 2010

Moth man.... KEITH COCHRANE, photo of the week, Birdguides.

...........for identification of this specimen. I caught it in the kitchen last night before one of the cats did. I am interested in the small "fleshy" spot on the back.
I'm sure it is quite common, as i think i have seen the same species before on the kitchen window, but i spent an hour trying myself without any result.

      please excuse variation in colouration, messing about with white balance settings.

Thank you to Alan Tilmouth for the I.D. of the moth, a LARGE YELLOW UNDERWING.
Can i mention the feature on BIRDGUIDES under webzine showing moths of the season, late summer. A handy article this. It has featured moths that may have been encountered at certain times during the summer and may have saved a few of us a bit of time looking for that moth we have come across from time to time.
A big up to KEITH COCHRANE who landed the "PHOTO OF THE WEEK" award also on BIRDGUIDES. Anyone who gets to Big Waters will probably have met Keith and will know what a gentleman he is. His images that appear on this site always get plenty of ticks and comments and it's not hard to see why. The picture of the resident Sparrowhawk is all action, the bird coming in over the water, no doubt to send the birds on the feeders scattering. I remember meeting Keith for the first time a couple of years ago and he had only just taken up birding and photography then. It gives all us "wannabies" a bit of hope.
Congratulations, and keep 'em coming. GREAT GUY, GREAT IMAGES!!!


  1. Large Yellow Underwing on Ikea Birch?

  2. Spot on on both accounts...........this guy is good!!