Saturday, 17 November 2018

My first in Northumberland

Having seen Bewick Swans in Kent a few times i had frustratingly missed out on the few occasions that they'd turned up in Northumberland. I went up to the weir at Warkworth on Sunday after two had been reported there since Friday but they had been going missing for long periods favouring fields just to the north of the river which was inaccessible and had missed out but only had time for a short visit. I was however treat to the sight of the Red-necked Grebe which was also in the vicinity.
Had planned a day out on Wednesday but feeling slightly under the weather gave that a miss but did manage to get out for a few hours on Thursday later on when the car was available. It worked out well as the forecast decent weather for both days didn't materialise on Weds but did on Thursday and on arrival at the River Coquet found the BEWICK SWANS in the company of many Whoopers and a few Mute. Great views for around twenty minutes before a number of Whoopers decided to leave with the Bewicks following closely behind. They veered off to the left after following the river for a short while looking to head back to the favoured field I mentioned earlier.
Headed off to Druridge Bay Country Park for another bird which had hung around for a few days namely a Great Northern Diver. Another hour of fantastic birding with the diver coming reasonably close a couple of times. A bank of cloud had dropped as I arrived at the country park so the light wasn't a good as it had been 20 minutes earlier. Still nice to get so close to a lovely bird.

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