Tuesday, 5 September 2017

100,000 up !!!

This post will bring up 100,000 views of my blog. If I had continued blogging in the last couple of years as much as I did previously that 100,000 would have come up a lot sooner. Twitter is to blame for that. To commemorate I thought I would post a couple of images of my first ever views of Dolphins. They were White-beaked Dolphins which I saw from Tynemouth north pier a couple of weeks back. Quite distant but nevertheless a fabulous experience.

I'll chuck in an image of a Kittiwake, a juvenile, which were the real stars on arrival & departure at the pier. Their evocative calls.......sublime. They've gone now, sadly.


  1. Congratulations. I think twitter has taken hold of lots of those who used to blog as many faces are now missing. I prefer to keep my blog going and have stayed clear of it all. Glad your still enjoying the birds and in this case dolphins. Cheers. Brian.

    1. Hi Brian thanks very much for the congrats. I have to admit I like the fact on Twitter you can express yourself there & then. I used to fill my head with thoughts when out n about that I wanted to express on my blog but most of it has dissipated somewhere in the grey matter before I got back home !!! I still love my birding, well it's actually more than that, it's about wildlife including the fauna & flora.