Monday, 29 June 2015

Passing time.

I'm killing half an hour before i head up to Druridge for my appointment with sunrise. This morning it's 04.29 but having had the longest day over a week ago the days are getting shorter and in a few weeks it will be noticable. Make the most of it while you can, that's my motto.
Highlights in the last 7 days ?
Not too many as the birding inevitably starts to slow down for summer. 3 Little Egrets on Cresswell Pond and a single bird of the same species 30 minutes later on the Budge Field. I had a Cuckoo on the fence line to the right of the Budge Screen on Friday. It disappeared into the trees behind a couple of times and was almost on the same post when i looked out from the other hide a couple of hours later having been up to East Chevington. At least a couple of chicks were being fed by Swallows in the Oddie Hide. Speaking of chicks, one pair of Ringed Plover had a single chick on the beach by Chevington Burn while another pair had two. Having seen the odd Yellow Wagtail in and around the dunes just past the Bells Farm cottages over the last few weeks i was lucky enough to get one in my favourite spot for them on the cut grass in front of the cottages. The car making for the perfect hide, as ever.

Elsewhere i did capture this Black-necked Grebe as it got as close as i've seen one at this particular site. Quite heavily cropped though. I have to say that i do love the Canon 6D with its' full frame. I've heavily cropped a few images on my blog but i don't seem to lose too much quality. The autofocus on birds in flight does let it down slightly.
My early starts mean i'm back home by midday usually so i haven't done any Dragonhunting yet up here but that will change soon. Time to dust the macro lens down in preparation.


  1. Still not enough hours in the day for then John! :-)

  2. Def. not....and the days are shrinking !!