Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Spoon. No fork or knife.

I had the pleasure to be in the company of Dave Elliot and a Spoonbill the other morning.
I arrived at the Budge screen around 6.55a.m. having spent over an hour at Cresswell enjoying the antics of 12 Avocets. In the opposite corner partially hidden by one of the tussocks was a white bird which eventually showed itself to be a Spoonbill. Dave arrived about 10 minutes later. The bird lifted about 10 mins after Daves arrival. It circled slowly pausing, it seemed like, over the trees opposite before dropping back on the Budge field quite close to a Little Egret that was oblivious to its presence as it was busy preening. It repeated a similar action again and then a third time but this time it continued to gain height and with Dave firmly locked on it slowly drifted off in a westerly direction.

A couple of not so good images.
The Swallows at Druridge Pools continue to show interest in both of the hides either side of the path. Pleased to see many of the shutters have been left open in the Oddie hide. Never much on the pool to see when you do visit the hide but compensation when some of the Swallows drop in and possibly voice their disapproval of you presence. They make some superb noises. A couple of Swallows were collecting mud on the Budge and disappearing to the rear of the hide overlooking that field while i was there. Sometimes sitting on one of the posts out front before doing so.
Some early morning action from the Cresswell Pond hide


  1. Superb Barn Owl image, what a great angle!!

  2. Superb Barn Owl image, what a great angle!!

  3. Paul, when i get praise from you for an owl image i'm rather chuffed, to say the least.

  4. Found you John :-) I'll be tuning in :-)

  5. Great stuff. Look forward to any comments you have.