Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Colour ringed Avocet

I captured this Avocet image at Cresswell Pond on 11/4/2015 and checked a couple of sites for info. without any success. I posted a slightly different version showing the colour rings quite clearly on Facebook having seen another image of the same bird by Mark Mowbray. I'm pleased to say that Ian Fisher saw it and came back with the following information.
"Avocet ringed at CRESSWELL POND as a CHICK on 10/8/2012 being 1 of a brood of 3. Good to see that it has survived and returned to its natal site."
Returning Avocet.


  1. Excellent John, I think being able to identify individuals makes our hobby just that bit more satisfying.

  2. It does Alan. When you see where some of these birds get to....WOW.