Monday, 23 March 2015

You're 'aving a laugh.

Early Sunday morning at Druridge as i was leaving the Budge Field hide an Avocet circled overhead calling. It eventually headed towards the main pool and as i opened the windows in the Oddie Hide it landed on the pool.
It spend a few minutes having a quick look around before it took off again heading south. Next stop Cresswell i thought, but headed back to the Budge Hide again. There it was. I took a quick snap and as the sun, yes the sun, was out i moved position slightly taking my eye off the bird for a couple of seconds. It has disappeared again. This time for good.
Last week the Avocets were playing ball at Cresswell.
I had three last Sunday (15th) and a single bird the previous Thursday (12th)
The water levels were reasonable then but very high yesterday. No wonder the Avocet was flying around looking lost.

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  1. Lovely shots John,shame the water was so high yesterday