Saturday, 14 February 2015

Sleeping Beauties.

I've been heading up to Cresswell and Druridge relatively early for the last couple of weeks to see what is about at sunrise (not that we've had loads of sun). I've had 2 Barn Owls, 1 each at Cress & Dru. Over 200 Curlew, 160 were on the edge of Cress small pool & the rest in the field next to it. And numerous sightings of Brown Hares. I've never seen them boxing until this year, that's the plan anyway. I'm home by midday but that means i've usually been out for over six and a half hours. Time flies, etc, etc. It was too dark for the first Barnie and the Curlews for photography but with a ramped up ISO i could have captured the Barn Owl that drifted along parallel to me for a few seconds as i walked along the path to the Budge & Oddie hides but as usual the fact that i wasn't in the Boy Scouts acted against me and i wasn't prepared. Camera not even turned on!
I have had more success with the Hares out in the fields towards Chibburn Preceptory, albeit slightly distant, but that first bout is imminent.
I called off at North Blyth briefly late this morning on the way home not really expecting too much and no Snow Buntings were seen but in the short time i had on my wander round i suddenly realised i was close to over 20 sleeping Oystercatchers and a couple of  Turnstones and they were totally unaware of my prescence. There was some sort of brick pillar in between us so i lined myself up behind it and got within 4 metres of the slumbering birds, leant out, took a few shots and retreated without them even stirring.

A Dru. Brown Hare

Nearly forgot. I saw 32 Whooper Swans on Cresswell Pond as i left earlier in the week. Couldn't fit them all in.


  1. Have you checked out the nymph photos at Mark Heaths blog
    I guess you'll be buying a fish tank then!

  2. No word of a lie Peter. I thought about doing a similar thing a couple of years ago but in the field. Construct a mini tank on a folding stand that could be easliy fit into a backpack. Then i thought...."Bollocks, i can't be arsed"
    The thing is that they are there all year round as opposed to the adults. The thought of pond dipping in February wasn't at all attractive. I'll study Marks larvae from the comfort of my armchair. Cracking stuff mind.