Tuesday, 1 July 2014

To bee or not to bee, that is the orchid.

Having been to N.T Hospital earlier i thought i'd call in at the Cobalt Country Park to see if any Bee Orchids were showing. A glance at the ponds would also be on the cards. No orchids and there was quite heavy cloud cover and when the sun did come out it was very briefly. A few Common Blue and Blue-tailed were the best i could muster. I did have a scour of the hill beneath the Sundial and thousands, yes thousands of Burnet Moths were on the wing. As i checked my phone when returning to the car i saw that Joe D. had put up an image of a Bee Orchid on Twitter. I texted him for directions but they were so complicated he rang me to give them. I didn't actually find the four spikes he had tried to put me on but found my own.
In bright sunshine but breezy.

A stunning orchid at the Rising Sun.
I did hook up with Joe and see the others. Will have to get back in next few days in softer light.
A Four-spot Chaser was located by the double ponds but no Broad-bodied which had been seen a fortnight previously.

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