Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Two birds with long slender curved bills x2

First venture out since before xmas on Saturday in the company of THE Howdon Blogger. As he posted we headed over to Durham and stumbled upon the 2 Glossy Ibis in a field opposite Sunderland Greyhound Stadium. The light was fine but the birds stayed in the long shadows while we were there. Confiding birds allowing views from no more than 12 metres at one stage.
long curved bills x 1
long curved bills x 2
The second pair of birds captured were at the end of our day down at St. Marys Island, this time in full sun, looking resplendent.
In between we had a brief glimpse of the Lesser Whitethroat in Tynemouth but having to constantly check for the prowling traffic wardens we cut short our stay.

Jarrow, mid morning, had us viewing over 30 Waxwings on a slightly ropey housing estate. They did come in to feed close by on Rowan Berries but  sadly, again, they were in shade while doing so. They weren't the only birds feasting on the berries as numbers of Thrushes in the shape of Blackbirds, Redwings and Mistle Thrush were all represented. We were well entertained by the antics of these birds as they all took turns in trying to stake their claim to the booty.

"those berries down there are mine"
"not if I can help it"
North Shields Fish Quay held nothing exciting as we passed through at lunchtime.

No light so I settled for this image.

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