Friday, 15 November 2013

Central Library exhibition by............

......a very talented local artist ALAN MOULD and his friend BOB LAINE.
If you've been in Thornley Woodlands Centre or stood at the Sherburn Estate Red Kite Viewpoint you will have seen some of his work without knowing.
Here are a few examples of that work.
Artwork associated with Friends of the Red Kites.
A couple of examples from his "Twisted Nature" series

These last three come under the heading "Digital Art"
You can see a lot more HERE
Call in and get something special for someone, or yourself, for Christmas.
I know that I will be.



  1. Sounds good, I might even pop along meself . . . d'oh!

    Cheers John, I'm very humbled.

  2. I can recommend that you do. You might see something you like.