Wednesday, 10 July 2013

No water = No B.B.C. = no suprise.

Called in at Little Waters in passing yesterday to see how the Broad-bodied Chaser situation was but as the meadow pools have dried out i drew a blank. I did get brief sightings of a couple of Four-spot Chasers in amongst the longer grasses and this stunning Common Darter made the short visit worthwhile.
A sight to put a smile on your face. It did mine.


  1. John,

    I went there on Sunday about 2pm but there was only a couple of Damselflies and as you said "no water". I did see a lovely flock of Long-tailed tits and the Swans with 5 Cygnets though.


  2. Quick look at big pool brought very little. Swans must have been hiding. Not many Damsels either. Went up to Baks Pond was alive. Hundreds, and i mean hudreds of teneral Damsels lifted from the long grasses and sedges at the edge of the bigger pond as i passed going in and going out. Still loads of $ spots and finally nailed a distant if slightly blurred pic of Emperor. Best was when the Emporess ????? came in later and oviposited. Better pics of her. Loads of Greylags joined the family of Canadas their now. SHIT everywhere !! Good job i still had plenty plastic bags from Saturday !