Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Taking a fence.

That's what this Roe Dear stag was doing early on at Big Waters yesterday. Two females had passed through just before.
Hope your horse jumps like this in the Grand National if you have a wager.
A pair of Great Crested Grebes the star attraction for me but THE WEE MAN was getting jiggy about three Pochard. He then started clicking !!!!! The source of this behaviour being a number of Wigeon. When he had finished counting them the clicking stopped. It started again five minutes later and the Wigeon had his little appendage going like the clappers. One hundred and one. More than sixty more than the earlier attempt. We met A.J. as we left Big Waters an hour or two later and he had managed over one hundred and forty.
In the main hide The Wee Man saw a Water Rail but nobody else did. When this was mentioned to A.J. he commented that on the Sunday walk John had seen a Greenfinch which nobody else had. Draw your own conclusions !!!
A very quiet hour was spent at Prestwick Carr with John seeing c70 Golden Plover in the horse field which i did see! That was about it.
Our first port of call had been Little Waters after i had mentioned to John that i had never been and while, again, not lots about looks a nice place to call into in future while in the vicinity. A Song Thrush belted out from on high as we departed.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Master of the Mobile Hide Observation

    Seeing things what nobody else sees is called good birding.

    Also I did get to 107 on the third attempt, personally I think your jealous cos you can't make your appendage click as fast and as many times as I can with mine, it all in the wrist action, mind you I bow to AJ's mastery of the appendage, the numbers he produces far outdo mine.

    John Hall MBO

    ps. Master Bird Observer or
    Much Bullshit Offered
    (cant remember which is correct)