Sunday, 16 September 2012

I know what this is........BUT DO YOU ???

A couple of heavily cropped images of a common bug you can see any day you venture close to water. They were taken at Big Waters yesterday while the Grim Reapers set about the task of  producing more mud for the mass influx of waders to be viewed from the hide in the coming weeks. The Blogger from Howdon helped out by pushing some grass about with a rake while the stars of the show did some hard graft. I was in the hide initially but felt soooooo guilty that i had to leave as i couldn't watch further.
Anyway...........what is it ?
More common than you think. Approx. 2cm long.


  1. The insect is according to my dated collins guide is a Common backswimmer. You did not look guilty yesterday just a bit shifty.

  2. I concur with Allan as he taught me all I know about them (All I know about them is written in his comment, then I googled it and hey presto some pretty pictures.