Saturday, 28 April 2012

Saturday brunch...... a sarnie and some oysters

After the weather conditions of the last couple of days and having a couple of hours spare i skedaddled down to Tynemouth for a flying visit this morning early on. A quick trek around the undergrowth by the car park then up to the Spanish battery brought nothing much. Even in the buffeting wind a Kestrel held station immaculately above the cliffs as a look down to the rocks with an incoming tide brought me my brunch.
A Sandwich Tern and some Oystercatchers.
The rocks brought me a second Sarnie, Ringed Plover and the inevitable Turnstones before i headed down to the pier checking out the bushes below the Priory. No luck so along to the end of the pier, which was locked, and enjoyed views of the Fulmars and Kittiwakes on the cliff face above. I had planned to get some in flight shots but the easterly wind was fierce here and very penetrating. I gave up after twenty minutes or so as it got to the stage that i could barely see through streaming eyes. A pair of Gulls relaxed on one of the huge concrete blocks that adorn this area.
It was a heck of a lot colder than it appears here

 I stopped off to dry my camera and bin lenses from the fine spray i had felt in the air on the seat in the sheltered area opposite King Edwards Bay beach and it couldn't have been more different. In fact i had a couple of butterflies for company !
A Small White and a Peacock tucked away out of the wind.

Heading along to the vicinity of Priors Park, in almost balmy Mediterranean conditions, i encountered numerous Speckled Wood butterflies which even had the energy to compete with one another having pairs spiralling up on four occasions.
Speckled Wood
Willow Warblers, Chiff Chaffs, Wrens, Robins, Blackbirds and Goldfinches were all noted here.
Looking ahead, i think i might be back on Monday..........with a bit more time to scratch about.


  1. John,

    sounded like a good day apart from the wind.

    WOT, No Ring Ouzel.. (only managed 7 myself yesterday)


  2. I noted how you spelt Ring Ousel. They are all about at the minute. I saw a couple of guys distantly with BIG lenses behind the Coastguards place and it must have been TT and TM. THEY got the Ousels. But i'm a shit birder so............................

  3. Nice to get a few butterfly sightings amidst the days of drizzle and downpour, Linda