Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Stag gering pose.

Well, an interesting one.
I was told to get out and get my christmas hair cut by the gaffer and while out i visited the Rising Sun. Pleased i did as i hadn't seen the male Red Deer for quite a while. Always enjoyable, even if it was just as the sun was disappearing. He's a handsome beast, especially now with the antlers looking so good.
Nice to see also that the 8 European White-fronted Geese are still enjoying the sweet grass in the horses field and still very close to the waggonway. If you haven't already i would suggest you pop along if you would like a nice close view of these stunning might see the stag also. On Swallow Pond a single Whooper Swan and a couple of male Shovelers the highlights while the Dukes Pond Kestrel was hovering looking for its last meal of the day, as usual.


  1. John,

    nice and rather unusual pic of the Stag as you said. Popped up there myself on Monday afternoon and managed to see 6 White-fronted Geese but didnt see the Stag. This work lark in the hours of light is just no good, why cant the College hold their classes overnight.


  2. Very nice Johnny. I'm still curious as to how this beast got there. Does anyone know?

  3. Very frustrating for you John. You are off soon so hang on in there. You must have misplaced 2 of those White-fronts as there has been 8 there since they arrived over 3 weeks ago.
    Give Alan his clicker back and tell him it can't count up to 8..........or sack the clicker operator.

  4. I've asked numerous people over the years but nobody has come up with an answer. Plenty of theories but.........
    It has been there for the five years i have been calling by.