Friday, 5 August 2011

Something for everyone.........except birders

Having turned off the A1, we passed through Belford and continued on for a couple of miles before parking outside Old Hazelrigg right on St. Cuthberts Way. This was my first walk out with Mr. Cheviot for some 5 weeks following a couple of lower body infirmities. It promised to be tough even though we were only covering just over 15 km. and ascending less than 300 metres it was hot and humid. Instead of the usual waffle i will just include some images of the flaura and fauna we saw on our walk which was a circular which took in St. Cuthberts Cave.


  1. Super set of images John. Must have been an interesting wander.

  2. I especially like the 7th one down, i love the detail on the wings and the back of the head

  3. Hi Dick,
    Hope things are O.K.
    It was one of those days where everything was out and about. Some days you see very little wildlife and have to content yourself with the views.

  4. Hi Sam,
    Nice to see you pop by.
    I'm into my dragons and damsels and altough there "design" is ancient they are stunning creatures. A little late for you this year, although there are still some species on the wing, but great to photograph. Keep an eye out around the lake edges at Killy and also away from the water in the grassed areas. It's surprising where they get, especially the damselflies.

  5. Yes a very nice set of shots,not been that way for awhile, did you pass Holburn Moss !

  6. Nice selection of wildlife John. I love the bee and the harebell. In Scotland, we call the harebell, bluebells..... and we call bluebells, English bluebells. Just thought I'd add this wee bit of trivia. :D

  7. Brian,
    I was aware that Holburn Moss was in the vicinty, and yes we went that way but couldn't really pick it out. First time in that area and i will be back.

  8. Thank you i said, something for everyone. Those Harebells/ Bluebells are lovely. I always think of that paper used in xmes decorations when i see them. I do like a bit of trivia......even if it is about our crazy cousins, the Scots. Och aye the noo ta thea Jimmy.

  9. Unfortunately, harebells are one of the few seeds I've had no success with.
    I'm quite 'English-i-fied' now John, so it's more like 'Ta-ra me marra!'