Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Cuts bite in Gateshead

While visiting Gateshead Birders website to see what's been going on "down south" i noticed that due to the current financial situation the team at Thornley Woods are unable to purchase bird food.
Hows about the councillors cutting back on the nosh they get through at their functions/ meetings and directing some of the cash savings in the direction of Thornley. I see two positives.
Fatter birds and thinner counsellors.
A win win situation..............do i have YOUR vote.

Talk about ROBIN the poor to feed the rich!

If you happen to be heading to Thornley Woods don't forget your donation / fatballs.


  1. I almost dropped my pork pie and chicken drumstick (one in each hand)when I read this! I said 'almost'! You have my vote (now where's the vol-au-vents?)!

  2. Over there by the LARKS-in-aspic and the four and twenty BLACKBIRDS baked in that pie.

  3. John,

    Went to Thornley for 30mins last Friday pm and the place was completely bare. Not a thing in any feeder or on a table and only a couple of Blue Tits after 10mins. I put out all the food from the small bag I carry on the ground directly in front of the hide and the sill that sticks out from one of the windows and within 30 secs 4 Grey Squirrels were there and never moved for 15mins. The hide looked as though it hadnt been given a sweep for weeks yet in the Reception across the road which was completely empty of "the public" there was 3 members of staff just sitting chewing the fat.


    ps I read the sightings book in the hide but wouldn't repeat some of the stuff that had been written as my litigation lawyer has put his prices up and I cant afford them any more.

  4. Funnily enough John, after posting this i thought that it would be the Grey Squirrels who would most miss out!
    Such a shame as it was quite nice in there at one time. God only knows what the situation is at Far Pastures.