Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Sunderland, Mackems.......Newcastle, sackems.

I used to love my football but cheating and greed have sickened me so much that i have almost turned my back on it. The thought of players earning 50, 60 and £70,000 and beyond a week makes me want to throw up, while the folks that support them struggle to get by. The sight of footballers screaming in agony, throwing themselves to the ground and trying every other trick in the book to gain the slightest advantage turns my stomach. You could say i don't enjoy it as much as i used to. The sacking of Chris Houghton just about sums up the state of the game, but above all that of my once loved Toon. The guy who owns it is a **** (you can put your own letters in) and i can't wait for the day he sells up and gets out of town.


  1. shame about chris houghton getting peddled, look on the bright side jon, Alan Pardew a mate of the owner, will take us forward to a new era, so it is not all bad is it?

  2. I see Pardew is in.............we'll see how it goes.