Saturday, 31 July 2010

Long Nanny, Druridge Pools. 30 07 10

A trip up the coast with Mr. Cheviot for a spot of birding. First stop Long Nanny with a wander up through the dunes from the car park. A large flock of Curlew were the first birds we got our eyes on as we spent the first part of the walk looking downwards for butterflies and moths. We dropped down to the beach next to the footbridge over the burn and had sightings of Ring Plovers and Dunlin but then noticed a very smart Knot still partially clad in his summer plumage. Very nice too. The rope fencing had been removed on the beach for the Little Tern colony who were mainly away in the distance at the waters edge with the tide being way out. There were however the odd couple of juveniles quite happily sitting higher up on the beach shuffling around occasionally as an odd few people drifted by them.
Our next stop was going to be at Low Newton to have a neb of the recently formed scrapes but there were cars parked along the roadside along way from the village so decided it might be a bit crowded so turned around and headed off to Druridge.
Our first sighting here was on the finger post as you head in off the road. A Dragon was taking in what little sun was being produced and allowed my to get my magnifier out( i won't tell you what i use it for normally) and inspect it within a few hundred millimetres. I love these creatures...........when you get in close and see those eyes and the way they turn their heads. My son was watching Clash of the Titans the other night in H.D. and kept saying "Isn't that amazing", commenting on the special effects. "NO" i thought to myself. Something you might see in nature is amazing.
Into the Oddie hide and a bit of bait, it was well after 2 p.m. by now, and here we had the obligatory Little Egret, which the few that saw it got quite excited about!!!!! Can't understand why, they are almost commonplace these days.

      A smart Knot
      A smart juv. Little Tern

     A finger post............but look closer.
      A TITAN of the insect world...........on a finger post

      A Little Egret........which i have included because of the TERN

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