Monday, 7 June 2010

Killingworth Lake, Sunday

I called up to KIlly to check on the Great Crested Grebes to find both adults off the nest and 2 eggs laying unattended in the nest. I spotted one of the parents not far away and it climbed back up and on the eggs a minute or so later. The juvenile they have must be around 10 days old ( i was away when it hatched ) so i think these may not. Anyway, as you can see from these images the youngster is coming along very nicely.


        ........i must include these Pochard images, a very handsome duck


  1. John,

    managed to get up there with Carole at about 5pm on Saturday for a bit of a wind down after the wedding. There was only 1 chick as you say. On the other part of the lake the pair with 3 chicks came right up to the side and we got some super pics but unfortunately Im so far behind with blogging, work, wedding pics, Farne Island pics its unbelievable. Sunday we have a birthday to go to in Hartlepool and the following Sunday is a Blessing ceremony from my daughters wedding where we think its going to be a happy clapping singing shindig.


  2. Cheers Davy
    Easy subject though as they are nesting only 3 metres from the roadside.
    Look forward to seeing images of Grebes on smaller lake. Both sets of Grebes usually keep there distance once they have their young. The secret of keepng on top of the blog is taking loads of crap pics then you don't have to sit and ponder which ones to choose from.

  3. Beautiful photographs John. The Great Crested Grebe is fast becoming one of my favourite birds... it's so graceful. I love how the chick peeps out from its mum's feathers. And I agree, that is a very superior duck. :)

    (late in posting.... another O.U. assignment underway)