Monday, 16 November 2009

Killy Goosanders--Grafitti bridge

Is this art?

Goosanders and Goldeneye Killy Lake

Sunday morning decided to have a trip up to Big Waters and decided to call past Killy on the way. As i arrived there was a bit of a downpour but it stopped after 10 minutes or so and brightened up to be a nice morning. I spotted a lone male Goosander on the larger lake and not having any decent images of said species decided to capture it. Easier said than done. It decided to spend the majority of its time in the centre of the water and on the odd occasions in ventured towards the side , by the time i got somewhere close it buggered off again. Yes, weve been there dozens of times. After over an hour of this and some ropey shots i made my way to the smaller lake before i left for " Muddy".
As i approached there was the outline of 3 Sawbills with the now bright sun behind them. It was 2 female and 1 male Goosander, " I DON'T BELIEVE IT ! " i thought to myself having chased around after there pal, and these were less than 15 metres away at times. The shots above were taken on my Canon compact as i've been having trouble downloading my images taken on my EOS Canon coz the files are too big. Anyway they will have to do 'till i get a prog. organised to compress my photo files.
Having succeeded in capturing the Goosanders i decided to head off to B. W. but on the way i realised the time was getting on so instead stopped off at Weetslade C. Park to have a walk and give the old knees a work out. Not much in the way of bird life to be seen except for 3 Kestrels hovering in the air together, but as i wandered off down one of the waggonways towards Burradon i spotted this fantastic work of grafitti on the concrete work of the bridge. I think some grafitti is brilliant and this effort is fabulous. I've just checked on Memory Map and this passes under the A189 and the waggonway heads away from the car park at Weetslade.


  1. John, Yes it is definitely Art (apart from the prats that put their tags on it). Normally I follow birds around for an hour then dont get anything, at least you lucked into some.


  2. I must admit to not giving Killy the attention it may deserve but am going to try and correct that. I like the Goosander, certainly worth pursuing.

  3. John
    Yea, i thought it was quite stunning, and it was ironic that some numskulls had gone over it with their take on "art".

    Hi there, i called past again this morning and counted 236 birds on the bigger lake.......nothing exceptional but you never know. If you check out an earlier posting you will see the sightings i got of the G C Grebes and there young earlier in the year.
    Cheers lads

  4. Where the hell is Muddy John ?